Bringing a new dog into your family is an exciting time, both for you and your new dog. While it can be tempting to buy a dog from a dog breeder or a pet store, rescuing a dog from a shelter is something that we strongly advocate for. In fact, one of our most popular dog training programs in Greenville is our Rescue Rehab program. Rescuing a dog is great for many reasons, which we will look at in this blog.

You are saving a lifedreamstime_xl_9441323-300x179

For many, knowing that you are saving a life is the most important reason to rescue a dog instead of buying one. Millions of dogs are put down each year because shelters simply do not have the resources for the number of dogs they receive. When you rescue a dog, you are directly responsible for saving its life, whereas most dogs from dog breeders and pet stores will end up finding a home even if it isn’t with you.

A rescue will love you just as much as a puppy

Many people buy a puppy because they think that a puppy will end up loving them more than an older dog would. The truth of the matter is, a rescue dog is capable of loving you just as much as a puppy. In fact…

A deeper bond

Anyone who has rescued a dog from a shelter can attest to the fact that the rescued dog understands what you have done for them, and the bond between a rescue and their new owner builds quickly and goes deep. Dogs are highly intelligent, and when you bring a new rescue home, and begin giving them the love, nourishment, and training that they need, they will respond with love and admiration.

Rescued dogs are often house broken

Dogs at shelters are often older dogs who have already been housebroken. Avoiding the hassle of housebreaking a new puppy is a huge incentive in itself. Save your carpets, go with a rescue!

Avoid other puppy issues

Beyond housetraining, puppies require a great deal more attention than older dogs. Puppies need to go out at all hours of the night, can be extremely destructive when teething, and require numerous trips to the vet to ensure they are up to date on their vaccinations. With a rescue, you avoid many of these issues.

Rescuing a dog is a wonderful thing to do. Sometimes, bringing home a rescued dog is a challenge because of issues they faced before you rescued them. Many rescues have been abused or neglected, and it is up to you to help rehabilitate them and show them that life can be good. If you need help training your new rescue, we are here for you. Contact us today to learn more about our Rescue Rehab program or any of our other dog training programs in Greenville.