For many couples, a dog is their first “baby.” Your canine will still be a cherished part of the clan when your new addition arrives on the scene, but your routines will shift, and be that can be confusing for your furry friend. Like babies, dogs thrive on predictability, and a newborn dramatically changes not only your life but your dog’s as well. Soon they will have to share your attention with a demanding infant, and they won’t understand why the long walks are getting shorter. Don’t wait until the baby is home to help your pup adjust.

When your find out you are expecting

If your dog hasn’t been to a basic dog training class in Greenville, it is time to sign them up. Behavior that seem harmless now, like jumping up to greet you at the door might become an issue when you are eight months pregnant or carrying an infant in your arms. Our instructors can help correct that.

Many dogs have never been around children before. Little people do unpredictable things that adults don’t, like make sudden movements, shriek, and get in dogs’ faces. To give your pet exposure to tots, take him to the park to see how he reacts to babies from a distance. Ask mom friends if you may walk near them when they have their kiddo in a stroller, or, if things go well, even alongside them. These tactics will gradually acclimate your dog to the sight and sound of children.

Our “recipe for success” has produced successful results for hundreds of dogs. Together, we will teach your dog things you had no idea he was capable of learning with in home dog training. You will obtain an obedient, trustworthy, and calmer companion for the rest of your lives. Call today for more information.