In our last blog, we looked at three different ways you can exercise your dog while staying indoors: running the stairs, playing mind games, and using a treadmill. There are many reasons why you may not be able to take your dog outside on a given day, but it is important to do your best to ensure that they still receive exercise on these days. Here, we will look at three more ways to exercise your dog while staying inside.

Play hide and seek

A great way to stimulate your dog’s mind is by playing hide and seek with them. Have your dog sit and stay, and find somewhere nearby to hide. Start by hiding somewhere where you will be easily found, and gradually move on to more difficult spots. Once hidden, call out to them. Reward your dog with a treat each time they find you.

Practice tricks

Practicing tricks will help improve your dog’s obedience, give them a mental workout, and strengthen your bond. Again, start with easy to learn tricks, like catching a treat in their mouth, and work your way up to more complex tricks. We can teach you effective teaching methods in our training sessions.

Play fetch

Finally, if you have a long hallway that is clear from obstructions, playing fetch is something you can do indoors as well. You’ll need to make sure to aim your throws well so that your dog does not run into the wall!

Exercising your dog is much easier, and a lot more fun, if they are well trained and obedient. If you need help getting your dog to obey, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our Greenville dog training.