Daily exercise is important to keep your dog healthy and happy. They need both physical and mental exercise every day, but sometimes, going outside is not a viable option. It might be too hot to safely play outside, it might be raining, or your might be feeling under the weather. Whatever the reason, it is still essential to do your best to give your dog exercise on these days. Over the course of the next two blogs, we will be looking at several tips to help you exercise your dog indoors.

Run the stairs

If you have stairs inside your home, exercising your dog inside can be a pretty simple task! There are a few different ways you can get your dog to run the stairs. First, playing fetch with your dog on the steps is one of the most simple methods. Or, if you have another person to play with, one of you can stand at each side of the stair set, and you can play keep away.

Exercise their mind

As we mentioned above, dogs also need mental stimulation. One of the best ways to work out your dog’s mind is to utilize brain teaser toys. These toys reward your dog with a treat for solving a puzzle, and are widely available.

Use a treadmill

Did you know that you can teach your dog to walk on a treadmill? This is a great way to work out both their body, by walking on the treadmill, and their mind, as they are learning a new task.

Exercise is a major key in ensuring your dog leads a good life. Another key is obedience. A dog who is obedient will be much more relaxed and happy than a dog who is not. Contact us today to learn more about our various Greenville dog training programs.