Professional dog training in Greenville offers numerous benefits to the dog and owner. When a pet is properly trained, it shows that the dog is an important part of the family and that good behavior is expected and rewarded positively.

Professional Dog Training Saves Lives

The most important benefit of training for the dog is that it may save its life. The top reason for dogs to be abandoned or dropped off at a shelter is behavioral problems that become too overwhelming for an owner. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the national statistics for companion animals entering shelters every year are approximately five to seven million with three to four million being euthanized. If puppies receive early training and socialization, there is a better chance they will not be euthanized before the age of three. Not to mention that if a well-trained dog does end up at a shelter or rescue, it will be adopted quicker than one that is not trained. Dog training can also save a life if a dog properly responds to commands, possibly avoiding a dash into traffic.

Leader Of The Pack

The biggest benefit of training to owners is that it teaches the dog who is in charge. You are the leader and the dog recognizes and respects your authority. Canines are pack animals: They follow a leader and want to please the leader. Training fulfills their need for leadership and provides structure and communication for a balanced life.

A well-trained dog:

  •        Reduces family stress
  •        Reduces damage to your home and personal belongings
  •        Increases a sense of safety and security
  •        Creates a strong bond with the dog
  •        Reduces costs associated with owning a dog
  •        Improves overall quality of life in the home

From The Start

Training begins with the socializing. Providing your puppy with loving attention, regular feedings, house training, leadership and new people to meet will prepare him to begin formal training between the age of 8 and 12 weeks. Once the puppy receives its vaccinations, then puppy preschool and other social activities can take place.

The Dog’s Perspective

Why is the dog behaving badly or out-of-control? Look at it from the dog’s point of view. Before a behavior can be changed, it should be understood. If the dog receives little or no attention unless its behavior elicits a reaction, then the dog will likely perform that behavior over and over to get the attention it desires from the leader. The key, of course, is rewarding the good behaviors. A pet training program that rewards the dog with positive reinforcement is the most effective and will build a strong bond between the owner and dog that fosters trust and cooperation.

The ultimate benefit to the owner and the dog is happiness. A well-trained dog is a pleasure to have in the home and to be around in public. Proper training builds a strong bond between the owner and the pet which is the foundation for a healthy, long-lasting relationship. Call us today for information about our programs. We look forward to working with you and your dog.