The aim of a good puppy preschool program and dog training in Greenville is to encourage your puppy to become a well-socialized, relaxed member of your family and to provide you with all the information required to raise a happy, healthy dog.

The critical learning and socialization period for puppies is approximately 4 to 17 weeks of age, due to the plasticity of your dog’s brain (i.e. learning ability). Puppy preschool is designed for puppies 8-17 weeks of age. The only pre-requisite to successfully enroll is that all puppies must have had their first vaccination in order to attend.

Studies have shown that puppies who are not exposed to other dogs and people during the critical learning and socialization period may develop fearful and/or aggressive responses to making new acquaintances later in life. If you miss the 17-week mark, it is not detrimental, but it can be more challenging to train and socialize your dog with unfamiliar people and animals if it has not been socialized during this period.

Puppy preschool should provide you with the tools required to start your pup off on the right track and add to your enjoyment as a pet owner. It can also be a great way to recognize the difference between normal puppy behavior and actual behavioral problems and how to modify them or prevent them from occurring in the future.

Our experts are here to ensure your puppy lives the best life possible with you and your family. Call us for information on all of our programs. We look forward to hearing from you.