Aggression in dogs is something that is much more common than we’d like, unfortunately. The main reason that a dog’s aggression is allowed to escalate is that many pet owners simply do not recognize the signs that a serious issue is brewing under the surface of what might seem like normal behavior to the untrained eye. If you see any of the signs listed below, you should contact your Greenville dog training expert to get your dog enrolled in one of our dog aggression rehab classes. Here are some signs to be cognizant of:

Growling and snarling
You need to learn to recognize when the noises your dog is making are due to aggression. There is a difference between a playful growl and an aggressive one. If your dog is showing their teeth while growling, this is called a snarl. Snarling is almost always a sign of aggression. Learn the nuances of your dog’s language so you can better understand them.

If your dog has a tendency to mount other dogs, or people’s legs, this is a sign that they are trying to exert dominance. This is a classic indicator of aggression, and should not be tolerated. Any time your dog gets away with bad behavior, it reinforces the notion that it is acceptable.

These are just a few of the many signs that your dog has aggression issues. It is extremely important that you do not let aggression issues escalate. It can lead to dangerous situations that can end in disaster. Don’t wait until your dog has an unfortunate, and possibly costly, incident. Contact us today to start down the path towards rehabilitation.