If you have a dog, one of your essential responsibilities should be a daily walk. Including a daily walk as part of your training game plan is something we, your Greenville dog training experts, highly recommend. In this two-part installment, we will be going over both the benefits gained from an effective walk, as well as tips for how to properly walk your dog.

Physical exercise
This is probably the most obvious benefit of walking your dog. A good, long walk can be beneficial for you as well. Dogs require daily exercise, and a walk is a great way for them to get it.

Mental exercise
Dogs don’t just need physical exercise. One of the main reasons that dogs act out is a lack of mental stimulation. Dogs can get bored just like humans, and when they do, they tend to develop obedience problems. Most obedience issues are much easier to avoid than to correct, which is why it is important to make sure your dog is mentally stimulated on a daily basis.

Developing a bond
Walking with your dog is a great way to develop and strengthen the bond you share. An effective walk will help create a situation where your dog respects your leadership and authority. Furthermore, it is a great chance for the two of you to have fun together!

As you can see, there are many benefits to walking your dog. The fact is, they need you to walk them on a daily basis! If you think you need help learning how to properly walk your dog, you’re in luck! Next time we will go over some tips to help you effectively walk your dog.