1. Recognizing Heat Stroke in Dogs

    Summer is a great time to spend outdoors with your furry friends. The fun you can have with a properly trained dog while playing outside is second to none, in our opinion! Summer does present a unique set of risks, however. One that is often overlooked is the risk for heat stroke. Heat stroke can be fatal in dogs, so it is important to learn how to spot the warning signs. Here, we will look at the most important ones to watch out for. Symptoms If your dog is suffering from heat stroke, there are a wide variety of symptoms they may display. On especially hot days, be sure to keep an eye out for…Read More

  2. What Makes an Effective Walk, Part Two

    In our last blog, we discussed why it is important to take your furry friends on walks every single day. Consistency is extremely important for any type of dog training activity, and your walk should be an opportunity to do some training. In this installment, we will look at some tips for going on effective (and fun!) dog walks. Be the leader It is important for your dog to respect your leadership. This starts even before you step out the front door on your first walk. A common mistake many dog owners make is to let their dog burst out of the door ahead of them. This sets your whole walk up fo…Read More