Bio-Pic-300x200Tony Mooney

My name is Tony Mooney and I have owned and loved dogs since I was a kid. I always took an active role helping my mom train and care for our pets. In 2004, while working as a Regional Manager for a metal distribution company, I became really interested in training dogs after seeing an expo in Charlotte. I worked with several trainers in the Charlotte and Mooresville areas learning different styles, philosophies and techniques. It was a great learning experience for me. In 2008, I was introduced to dog sport and my love for training grew from a passionate hobby to something I wanted to build into a career. I attended the Canine Enlightenment Trainers School in Mocksville where Master Trainer Buddy Lawson has shown me everything from building a strong foundation and behavior theory to the use of different training tools and techniques. I have also traveled to learn from some of the top dog trainers in the southeast. I would love to share my passion of dog training with you. I feel that a well-behaved pet is more acceptable in a family and it lessens the likelihood of animals being abandoned or dropped off at animal shelters. Remember, we are all trainers, just on different levels.

Amy C

amy-cropAmy is a recent transplant to Charlotte, and The Dog Wizard is very lucky to have her on the team!  Amy has a very important role with being the first point of contact for Dog Wizard clients.  She helps manage the day-to-day needs, phone calls, and appointments which she does so well. The best part about her job is not only getting to talk with clients about their dogs but also having her rescue mutt, Winston, hang out with her all day!  We would be lost without her.






IMG_19131Tara Allen

As a small child, I remember my first grade teacher asking me, “Tara, what do you want to be when you grow up?” My answer was easy- a Veterinarian. As time went on, and I got older, I still had the passion for animals but wanted to help people also. My grandfather had Alzheimers, which made me curious about the nursing field, so I worked in nursing for a few years in an Alzheimers unit. My career in the nursing field led me to appreciate the incredible things that service dogs do for people with disabilities and health conditions. I started working for a non-profit organization, learning how to train service, therapy, and companion dogs and realized that dog training is my passion. After working for a non-profit organization for 5 years, I felt like I needed more training and to broaden my horizon so to speak and that’s what led me to The Dog Wizard. After my training at The Dog Wizard along with my service, therapy, and companion dog training, I am now the confident and balanced trainer who gets to have the best of both worlds: helping dogs and people!


noellecropNoelle has been part of The Dog Wizard family since she started her path as a trainer in Charleston SC in 2012. After 5 years in the Lowcountry and 4 years of helping dogs and their owners to have a better life, it was time to get back to her roots in New Jersey. It was a tough decision not to be hands on with owners and their dogs but now as the office manager she gets to continue to be part of the wizard family and clients lives! Her first hand knowledge of the training side adds a huge benefit to the day to day operations in the office. It  helps us be more efficient, creating processes to help better our clients experience as she understands our clients needs that much more! Whether you are a first time caller or a current client, Noelle’s passion for canine’s and their people exudes from the moment you start talking to her. She has an unending love for her three dogs Lexi, Trinity and her newest addition Huckleberry as well as the man that stands by her side, Evan. Noelle is focusing on field trial obedience with Huckleberry and has the pleasure of frequenting the river with the dogs and exploring the beautiful trails and landscape of The Garden State.